Mobile Case Materials Available for Verizon iPhone 4

Hot-slaes-TPU-material-can-be-transparent-mobile-phone-case-flip-cover-for-iphone-4-4sMobile phones have become an indispensable device and are very diverse when it comes to the model, design and operating system. Along with the mobile phone come various accessories, of which the phone cases are even more diverse in number as there may be more than one kind available for a single model. The case may be chosen with protection as priority but the choice is further affected by its make, functionality, design and availability. The protection it offers will depend primarily on the material it is made up of and also on its crafting.
Plastic: The most commonly available mobile case material is that of plastics like polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane or vinyl. Although called plastic polycarbonate is a material strong enough to be used in bullet proofing, and as protective as it might be, it is bulky. Thermoplastic polyurethane too offers a good degree of protection from falls of up to 10-20ft. Vinyl is quite thin and cheap compared to the other plastics and is popular for the wide range of designs it has to offer although it lacks in protection. The plastics may be enhanced with UV protection and scratch proofing by overlays of other materials.
Silicone: A gel-like substance made of petroleum derivatives and silicon; it is flexible and fits cozily on the model. It functions well as a shock absorber and is hence is good to deal with day to day stress. On the downside, it is sticky and difficult to clean and also lacks in style and colors.
Metal: Metal cases offer great protection as they are difficult to break or crack. They may be made of aluminum, brass, titanium and sometimes even precious metals like gold. They are expensive and cold. They are also available in different colors. Being metals they have a tendency to reflect radio waves and hence weaken phone signal.
Dual protection: Some mobile cases are designed to be a combination of two different materials to render greater protection. Cases made of hard shell exterior and rubber or silicone interior are available. The hard shell is made of durable plastic like polycarbonate and the rubber/silicone interior protects against shock. Air spacing between the two materials also enhances protection.
Leather: A classic choice with elegant looks and long lasting durability. It is expensive. Its thickness will stand small impacts but not protect against big ones. There is also a problem with animal rights. Faux leather although may look alike, will not be as durable. Both are waterproof.
Carbon fiber: the carbon fiber case as the name suggests are strands of carbon fiber put together, which has strength stronger than that of steel. It is very expensive but can withstand medium impact on hard surfaces.
Wood: Now this one is for the artist. It can be easily personalized with engravings. It is usually made up of bamboo, redwood, cherry, etc. How rarely have we seen a wooden cell phone cover? That is the whole point, its availability. It is difficult to come across one.
So choose the right phone case material depending on your budget and requirement.

Top 7 Most Adorable Toddlers and Their Fashion Blogs!

When it comes to fashion even the kids simply love it.  Just because they are young, that doesn’t mean that they don’t know anything about fashion.  Fashion really has no boundaries when it comes to age, sex, and other groups.  You can be fashionable at any age and this is precisely what we’re talking about today.

[learn_more caption=”Little Fashionistas”] [/learn_more]

If you want to take some style advices from the youngest, take a look at these trendy blogs.  The stars of these fashion blogs are toddlers who will teach you how to style your own kids, and teach you a lesson or two for grown-ups too! Not only that you will love their outfits and sense of style, but your heart will also melt at how cute and loveable these kids are!

11. Rylee is a pretty stylish girl who is the star of her mom’s fashion blog who goes under name @kelli_murray. This of adorable little girl will definitely teach you about style, and furthermore her pics are just so trendy and amazing that you won’t be able to stopped looking at them.

2. Blogger James Kicinski McCoy’s little girl is always trendy and fashionable.  You can follow their latest stylish editions @bleubird. The little girl is always dressed in comfortable outfits, which are at the same time chic and trendy.  You won’t regret following their fashion blog, I can tell you that!

23. Kyan is yet another fashion blog star whose style will definitely amaze you.  This little fashion star, has such an amazing collection, that even some adults would envy this little blogger’s closet.  If you want to follow Kyan, make sure and that you follow @jetaimekyan.

4.  Celebrities are amazing, but the little kids are even cuter!  When you combine the two, you can make no mistakes!  This is precisely why @ministylehacker is so popular. Collette styles her sons in celebrity inspired outfits.  You will definitely love their beautiful pics.

5.  This little diva truly sets fashion trends.  She is trendy, fashionable, modern, a true fashion blog star.  She even has her tiny designer bags and shoes – how adorable it that?  This simply adorable kid you can follow @babyellestyle.

46.  This little guy will definitely grow out to be a true heartthrob!  With his piercing blue eyes and amazingly blond hair Beau is one fashionable toddler.  He rocks fashion outfits as if he were a model.  No wonder, baby Beau has become an Internet sensation.  You can follow @belandbeau, and this little fashion star on his way to becoming a true fashonista!

7. Lucas is yet another stylish toddler which you can follow @lilliesandleon. Not only that baby Lucas has some stylish outfits, but chic and also teach you a lesson or two about accessorizing.  It’s no wonder that Lucas is a fashion blog star, since his mom is also stylish and popular on the social media.